3 iconic revolutionaries

share their herstories of inspiration

 empowering generations to live their truth.





About the Film

To Move Mountains is a documentary film that highlights the lives of Nina Angela Mercer, dequi kioni sadiki and Chanel Porchia- Albert. The film aims to faithfully capture the work and lives of these important cultural organizers for liberation. It highlights each woman's connection to personal power, the land and the communities and lives that they impact.  The purpose of the film is to uplift the legacy of these women who are important to the shaping of liberation efforts too often left out of the narrative of "American" history. The film documents each woman's sense of purpose, spirit, transformations and contributions . it is a call for viewers to honor those who are steadfastly working towards a collective liberation. it celebrates the many possibilities we have as a result of the work of our pioneers, whose shoulders we stand on. the film is due to be released in 2020.

Why Now?

In the wake of troubled times across the city, nation and globe, it is important for us to highlight the work of those dismantling harmful structures at play . through to move mountains we learn about how these women each in her unique way, practice daily commitments to uplifting the culture, lives and voices of the most disenfranchised among Black/ Brown folk. 


To reach wide diverse and intergenerational communities looking to build together around arts and political education as a tool for liberation. 


To honor dequi, Nina and Chanel as cultural workers and pioneers through creating a work of art -The "I Be Your Water" Project that supports the "To Move Mountains" media project.


To provide a creative space for women of Color of all ages to engage their authentic selves as critical voices in shaping our city (NYC).


To create a transformative visual art piece to be shared at public film screenings, community spaces and events dedicated to the cultural sharing and celebration of Black/ Brown Women artists and activists. 





In 2014, I began interviewing Nina, dequi and Chanel, to document their creative movement work taking place in New York. Each has their own journey, yet much of their individual work is what moves the collective  forward. It is incredible to watch them in action. From hearing their stories of purpose, family, triumphs, struggles and inspiration. Understanding the significance of their impact, I have been creating "multi-vocal" art works that explore and celebrate their lives. To Move Mountains is A Testimony, A Way to Give Thanks and a way of honoring their work so that others might know And Recognize the importance of it too. We Are creating a visual "collage"in conversation with time, and its links to the current political climate, the past and the future. 


-Lehna Huie, Director