In 2014, I began interviewing Nina, dequi and Chanel, to document their creative movement work taking place in New York. Each has their own journey, yet much of their individual work is what moves the collective forward. hearing their stories of purpose, family, triumphs, struggles & legacy draws great inspiration. Understanding the significance of their impact, I have been creating "multi-vocal" art works that explore and celebrate their lives. To Move Mountains is A Testimony, A Way to Give Thanks and a way of honoring their work so that others might know And Recognize the importance of it too. We Are creating a visual "collage"in conversation with time, and its links to the current political climate, the past and the future. We are inviting folks to share their stories to uplift the importance of honoring women of color movement builders with visibility.

-Lehna Huie, Director

Filming Brooklyn Dreamwolf for the to move mountains film - 2019

Filming Brooklyn Dreamwolf for the to move mountains film - 2019

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To Move Mountains

is a Testimony, a Way to Give Thanks & Recognition to Our Pioneers

“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.”

—Zora Neale Hurston

LEHNA HUIE - Director

Lehna Huie (b.1988 NYC) is a multi-disciplinary artist, arts educator, curator, cultural worker & mother exercising a belief in the power of multi-vocal art. She is an artist amplifying stories of love, loss, and remembrance. Huie is deeply committed to the fusion of arts and social change as a path to liberation: exploring the past, present and the future of struggle and freedom. Central to Huie's creative work is her utilization of artistic expression as a compass for healing our world. Her work embodies cultural critique, celebration, and transformation.  

Huie’s studio practice makes use of various materials on canvas, paper, and wooden surfaces. Her portraits and figurative work are highly textured. Often layered with diverse materials: paint, plaster, sawdust, beads as well as found objects, her work brings forth a symphony of moods. Grounded by the global community, New York City life, and the essence of her familial homeland in Jamaica, Huie is ever inspired by the African Diaspora.  


I am drawn to spotlighting the stories of these three inspiring revolutionaries.

Lamisse Beydoun

LAMISSE BEYDOUN - Assistant Producer

lamisse Beyodoun is a first generation Lebanese- American, born and raised in Los Angeles, California. In 2015, she moved to New York City to Study Journalism, Design and Playwriting at the new school. Three years later, She graduated and produced her first independent documentary, adira. after meeting lehna in 2018,, lamisse was drawn to the project and lehna’s vision of spotlighting the stories of these three inspiring revolutionaries. lames is currently working in freelance in NYC.